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[34] Happy Christmas

* Doug .. Dec.24.2004 (Fri) 06:03pm

Just want to say a Big Thank You to everyone and wish you a really Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope to see ya in '05. Till then, make it a good one.
See ya Doug

[35] Happy Holidays!

* Harumi- BRnet web .. Dec.25.2004 (Sat) 03:11pm

Happy Holidays to you all and Doug!
Thank you for your suport for the band & this site.
and Doug, thank you for your great music and activities!
Hope to see everyone in 2005!! (on/off-line)

[36] Burning Rain

* Yuki .. Jan.01.2005 (Sat) 06:26am

Happy New Year to Doug, Harumi, and all the BR fans!
I hope everyone have a great 2005 year and I look forward to hearing the new BR album.

[23] Just a note!

* Annemieke .. Oct.11.2004 (Mon) 09:26am

Hey Doug, Just got an e-mail from the Burning Rain site (Harumi) en that's how I found out there's also a messageboard over here.
Hopefully you feel better already, because you guys are busy as I can see by the touring scedual. Well.... take care and be safe!!!
Luv Annemieke

[22] Whitesnake first show

* HARUMI-BRnet web .. Sep.04.2004 (Sat) 01:05am

Doug "we just did the first show so that is cool."

Anyone who saw the show, Please tell us your feeling!!

[21] Unreleased Track

* HARUMI-BRnet web .. Apr.26.2004 (Mon) 05:53am

You can listen to Doug's New unreleased song "Good Morning Sioux" at Doug Aldrich.com.
This song was originally recorded to be included on his solo album "Electrovision" in 1997.

Get Doug Aldrich "Electrovision" online!
amazon.com, amazon.co.uk, amazon.de
amazon.fr, amazon.co.jp


* Harumi- BRnet web .. Apr.05.2004 (Mon) 09:30am

Lots of you guys might have already known about it.. Chris Frazier is now in Japan and he appeared on Japanese TV show "HEY!HEY!HEY!". He works for TMG (TAK MATSUMOTO GROUP) and is gonna go back to Japan in Autumn for the Live Tour. You can see him on TV on 9th Friday this week (TV asahi-Music Station) ! Check the TMG news at the B'z official site


* REApeR .. Feb.17.2004 (Tue) 09:18pm

Burning Rain are the best rock band in the world ever!!! :)

[31] Whats up?!!!

* Blondie .. Feb.17.2004 (Tue) 09:18pm

Hi, When is the new Burning Rain CD coming out? We need big news! Burning Rain RULES!-Blondie

[30] New CD in 2004!!!!!!!!!

* Metal Goddess .. Feb.17.2004 (Tue) 09:16pm

Hi Doug,Keith, and Ian, I am so excited to hear you guys are almost done recording your new CD!I have been waiting forever!Who will be the new drummer??Any idea of the release date?Song titles?Anything!?-Metal Goddess

[29] Burning Rain 2004

* The Rocker .. Jan.25.2004 (Sun) 02:25pm

Burning Rain 2004>Still a great website.We would like to interview one of the guys from Burning Rain for our local rock magazine in Los Angeles.Would you like that?Looking foward to hearing them in 2004.Take care, The Rocker

[20] The Electro-LESSON DVD

* HARUMI-BRnet web .. Jan.20.2004 (Tue) 02:27am

I inform this news here because I'm still working on redesigning this site... not finished yet...
Doug Aldrich's Guitar instructional video The Electro-LESSON (Original was released in 1997) will be rereleased on Feb.18th in Japan. Check out his awesome guitar plays!

[19] GOLF

* JIM .. Jan.07.2004 (Wed) 08:33pm


[27] Happy New Year!

* Yuki .. Jan.02.2004 (Fri) 10:33pm

Happy New Year!
I hope Burning Rain and the fans had happy holidays. And I hope Burning Rain will work again for the new album & tour!

[8] Old pics of Ian

* stacy .. Apr.26.2004 (Mon) 04:02pm

I was wondering where (for my own personal files) I could get some old pics of Ian? I loved his long hair when in Bangalore Choir and Huricane Alice. He is an excellent musician. Love ya Ian! Anyone with pics send em my way. xxoo Stacy

[14] Brabham Racing Car 1965

* Ed Holly .. Oct.01.2003 (Wed) 05:49pm

I have recently purchased a Brabham BT15 racing car which I believe was raced by Liane Engeman, and possibly before that by Keith St John. Is it possible to contact Keith so that I may ask him about his time with these cars etc
Ed Holly

[17] Re:Brabham Racing Car 1965

* liane engeman .. Jan.13.2005 (Thu) 05:44am

dear ed.during my computerlessons i saw your question we are living in spain.I drove the car at Brands Hatch

[16] Happy Birthday!

* Kathey .. Mar.31.2004 (Wed) 07:26pm

Hello, Keith!
How have you been?
Hope you have a huge party =D

[15] Next cd/tour??????

* Mike Demay .. Oct.22.2003 (Wed) 08:04am

When is your next cd due out?

[11] Paso Robles

* Jeanette Akers .. Sep.05.2003 (Fri) 12:20pm

Paso Robles>Hi Keith!
Just found my way to a link I could write you at. Been checking out the sites. Nice content dude! It was a real pleasure meeting and talking to you in Paso. Great show with Ronnie. Loved it! Like I said...you woulda made Sammy proud! LOL! I gave a review of the show on Sammy's official mailing list. I also have lots of good pics of the show...and of Dave M.'s set too. Where do I send the ones of the Montrose set? To the COOL-ROCK site??? If so, I will do that ASAP. Once again..nice talkin'!!! Be well!
Redloves & Peace,
Jeanette :-)))

[7] Biography

* HARUMI-BRnet .. Jun.02.2003 (Mon) 12:32am

Biography has been updated.
Please chheck it out!

[6] Happy Birthday

* CHRIS ADAMSON .. Jan.14.2003 (Tue) 08:30am

Your name came up this morning during a discussion about all the new construction going on in Mayowood, and I stuck your name in the web and found this site. I forgot your birthday was near mine (12th) but saw it on the site today, quite the coincidence. Well Happy Birthday. I've lost track of you and Will over the years, when you talk to him next tell him I said Hello. It looks as though things are going well for you, I hope they are. If you do get this message send me a note, I'd like to here from you. Take Care and again Happy Birthday.

Chris Adamson
507 285-9855

[5] ian mayo

* tricia .. Jan.14.2003 (Tue) 12:37am

ian mayo rocks! i saw him in 2001! he is a sweetie too! :)

[4] Can I get your autograph?

* The Audio God .. Oct.19.2002 (Sat) 03:23am

Ian is the coolest guy. Buy all his music. He rocks big time. The only thing I don't have is his autograph.
If you read this stuff Ian, can I get one? I'll see you on Tuesday. "Indiscretions", all the way!!!

[3] ian

* kaitlyn kross .. Oct.14.2002 (Mon) 08:43pm

ian rocks!!he and his band mates from hericane alice were all so nice to all of us!! i meet him in the early 90s at a bar calledthe silver dollar in michigan!!! i was so glad to finaly find something on ian!! he is georgeus!!! and a talented bass player!!! i also think burning rain is a great band!!! you rock ian!! kaitlyn

[2] Ian do you read these??

* Joe Bourassa .. Jan.16.2002 (Wed) 01:00pm

Hey, does Ian ever get on this and read? If ya do Ian, send me a e-mail sometime mate!

Up the Irons!

[1] New web board!

* HARUMI-BRnet .. Jan.03.2002 (Thu) 03:34am

Please write anything about Ian Mayo! Thank you;)

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