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Doug Aldrich Whitesnake Tour 2006 Review, Setlist, & Photo

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Whitesnake Tour 2006

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Sun 05.21 Tokyo International Forum Hall A: Tokyo, Japan

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  1. Burn - Stormbringer - Burn
  2. Guilty Of Love
  3. Love Ain't No Stranger
  4. Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues - Love Hunter - Slow An' Easy
  5. Is This Love
  6. Ready To Rock (New Song)
  7. Ready An' Willing
  8. Doug Aldrich Guitar Solo - Snake Dance
  9. Crying In The Rain - Tommy Aldridge Drum Solo - Crying In The Rain
  10. Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City
  11. Give Me All Your Love
  12. Here I Go Again


  1. Take Me With You
  2. Still Of The Night
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Whitesnake Tour 2006

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