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Doug Aldrich Whitesnake Tour 2006 Review, Setlist, & Photo

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Whitesnake Tour 2006

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Thu 06.01 Hammersmith Apollo: London, UK

[12] Burning Rain net Fri May 05, 06 07:26am
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[89] Harumi-BRnet

May 30th London show is cancelled and has been rescheduled to be on Thursday, June 1st.

Doug's comment
LONDON show rescheduled

Hey yall,
We are really sorry to have had to change the plans today.
It is obviously the last thing that DC wanted to do, but you know he puts a lot of energy into everything he does. He gives %150 on every show and he just still needs more time to recharge.

I really hope there is a way that some of you can make it back down here Thursday.

Sincerely Doug
web Sun Jun 04, 06 07:02am
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Whitesnake Tour 2006

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