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Doug Aldrich Whitesnake Tour 2006 Review, Setlist, & Photo

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Whitesnake Tour 2006

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Tue 08.08 Rock City: Nottingham, UK

Rock City Is a Great Place For a Good View..But I feel the Smallness of the venue Marred sound of the Performance for me..David Coverdale Kept making comments About How small the Room was!
However Everyone in Both the Band and Audience Enjoyed it!
Doug was Faultless as ever along with Reb and Tommy!
Hope too see BR back in UK soon! I said this 5 years ago in my Burning Rain review!
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[109] Deine web mail Tue Aug 29, 06 12:21am
[97] Tue 08.08 Rock City: Nottingham, UK [Burning Rain net] Tue Jun 27, 06 06:00am
[109] Deine Tue Aug 29, 06 12:21am
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Whitesnake Tour 2006

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