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Doug Aldrich Whitesnake Tour 2006 Review, Setlist, & Photo

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Whitesnake Tour 2006

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Tue 08.01 Petofi Csarnok: Budapest, Hungary

Doug's comment on The Official Doug Aldrich message board

Hi yall, yes it was a big disapointment for everyone. Firstly the people who bought tix to the show and also for us too. We were very up for the show yesterday but as you can see, it was just out of our hands.

We went down to do our first soundcheck in a few weeks. Although it was cloudy, it wasnt raining at the time. We ran through Ready To Rock a couple times and we were done..

The sky was getting really dark and it just started to sprinkle as we went back to the hotel. Later on we got the word that we couldnt play the show..

The pictures are bad, but they dont show the gear. The whole stage got soaked. All our gear. When the roof blew apart it was lightning at the time....and with all that lighting truss made of metal with voltage going through it, it was not safe for the crew to get on the stage to save everything, but they did get everything off as fast as possible. Those guys are really the best..

Maddi my tech told me there was a waterfall coming down on my guitars!.
All my gear, amps, rack everything got soaked...Not to mention the bass stuff, drums, monitor desk..

Our crew got everything off as fast as they could and dryed off the guitars, but the amps and stuff need to be dryed out today to even see if they still work. You cant switch on an amp that is wet...thats a disaster waiting to we will find out today what the real tool is gonna be..

I'll let you know what happens...wish us luck..

See ya, Doug
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[42] Tue 08.01 Petofi Csarnok: Budapest, Hungary [Burning Rain net] Fri May 05, 06 07:26am
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Whitesnake Tour 2006

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