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Whitesnake Tour 2005 Review, Setlist & Photo

The Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues show

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Fri 09.09 Arena Skol: Sao Paulo, BRAZIL

with: Judas Priest, Angra


  1. Burn/Stormbringer
  2. Bad Boys
  3. Love Ain't no Stranger
  4. Slow and Easy
  5. Gimme All Your Love
  6. Snake Dance
  7. Crying in the Rain
  8. Is This Love?
  9. Here I Go Again
  10. Still Of The Night
[38] Burning Rain net Mon Jun 13, 05 05:03am
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Great! Great! Great! When will you come back?
Next mounth? Please Come Back. The Same Band.
Great Sound of Marshall & Beauty Les Paul Guitar.
Thank You!
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Somethings I think I still need to know are what are the 3 Materials made out of? What takes up the most space in the environment? How long does it takes to make each mariteal? How much do each mariteal cost? and is it worth buying. I also need to know is Re-usable bags worse than paper or plastic. I think I need to know all of these things because we shouldn’t use anything that harm the environment or takes up alot of space.I believe we should se things thats cheaper but still strong and takes up less space.
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Articles like these put the consumer in the driver seat-very important.
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The interview was great. I agree with the tatoos. I love the cover of Patricia Briggs books. Mercy has the best tatoos. Read the alpha and omega series, that is also good.You are a new author for me and am always looking for new books and authors. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to
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Hey, that post leaves me feeling fooslih. Kudos to you!
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