Doug Aldrich Whitesnake Tour 2005 Review, Setlist, & Photo

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Whitesnake Tour 2005 Review, Setlist & Photo

The Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues show

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Tue 08.09 House of Blues: N.Myrtle Beach SC, USA

Venue Info / with: Supagroup
[32] Burning Rain net Mon Jun 13, 05 05:03am
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[95] sal

i've alwayz been a fan of doug's, tommy, reb, david and "who was the bass player?" i think the bass player ruined the show for me,an old school rock n roller! i heard that he played pop music for christina agulara or however you spell that name? anyway, you know who im talking bout. i especally got mad when the idiot threatened me only because i held my aerosmith cap out towards reb to get a guitar pick . i guess he thought i was wanting one from him a no name player trying to be a bad ass when i flipped him off for streatening to club me with his big bad bass! i guess it makes up for for something else known as small man syndrum! anyway, he had me kicked out for his actions! i was dissapointed with davids choice of a bass player! what happened to mendoza,oh he's with john sykes! smart choice john! hope you come to sc soon! anyway, the 1st time i saw whitesnake in 2002 at the hob it was a much better show, with a much better bass player! and doug, you tolfd me that you was from raleigh, nc but on this bootleg dvd i own from your 7-23-05 reading pa show david says that ,pa is where you are from??????? whats up brother? is it that confusing on the road that you do not know where your from? or was that just what you tell everyone when your in town? your still a bad ass guitarist, but i've lost alot of respect for you and whitesnake yhanks to your bass boy! id stick with dio if i was you! now there's a singer with talent and the beast guitar players in his history! signed: bitter!
mail Thu Feb 02, 06 03:14pm
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[96] Harumi-BRnet

Hi sal, Thanks for the review.
Let me say one thing. Doug was born in NC. It's true, but his Parents live in PA. So David might think Doug was from there.
web Sun Feb 05, 06 07:37pm
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[144] エルメス 時計

web mail Wed Mar 05, 14 05:54pm
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