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Whitesnake Tour 2005 Review, Setlist & Photo

The Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues show

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Fri 08.05 Webster Theatre: Hartford CT, USA

Venue Info / with: Supagroup
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This is totally unrelated, but I need some unexpected Disney advice. My daughter's arm is in a splint and we find out in 5 days whether she has to have a cast or not.......we leave for Disney in 3 weeks. Has anyone done Disney with a 4 year old and a cast before? Can she still do most of the agre appropriate rides? I'm so trying not to stress out at this point.
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Thanks Scott. Awesome photo and great pondering! Abundant blessings for your Thanksgiving.Ashore, left to dry,burped from the mellifluous sea.Sun bathes, son showers home.
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The solution grid for Sunday’s Reagle wasn’t posted; I have checked back yesterday and today and still nothing. Is that going to be part of the new format? The commentary is there, but that’s all. I have to get used to the new format anyhow, but so far I like it!
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