Burning Rain Z Rock 2001 UK Reviews

Z Rock 2001 UK

May-06-2001 The Ritz : Manchester England

  1. Smooth Locomotion
  2. Love Emotion
  3. Metal Superman
  4. Cherie Don't Break My Heart
  5. Tokyo Rising
  6. Cherry Grove
  7. Love De Jour
  8. Can't Turn Your Back On Love
  9. Fireball
  10. Judgement Day
  11. Fool No More

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[9] Majestic Magazine

Wed Jun 20, 07 11:08am

[8] Alti

Me and a buddy of me went all the way from Switzerland to Manchester mainly because of Burning Rain. My CD-Collection from Doug Aldrich and especially Burning Rain i took with me (unfortunately i forgot the Hurricane-CD...) for the singning session and there i met the band. they were so nice. not a glimpse of a rockstar attitude, just normal people like me and you. and then the concert... it was worth every mile i travelled! i hope you'll play at the z2002 too!! or maybe you'll be on euro-tour through switzerland or germany... ?!?! Take care of yourself and don't stop making such great music!.

Sun Sep 02, 01 12:00am

[7] James The Cameraman

Any ageing rock fans who have lost faith in honest guitar based rock should check out Burning Rain. I was working at the gig (with a cynical view I might add) but have since had the CD super- glued in the car stereo and have dusted down my tennis racquet after many years in the wilderness :-) If I weren't so grey I'd grow my hair again. Not sure the live sound did BR any justice but it aroused enough interest to play the album. Glad I did. While other bands seems intent on making a balsa-wood guitar squeak and groan it was refreshing to hear someone make a Les Paul do what it should..... make the hairs on your neck stand up!!!.

Tue May 22, 01 12:00am

[6] darren

the best band of the day by far. doug is one of the best guitarists around today for photos goto www.rocksanctuary.com

Wed May 16, 01 10:00pm

[5] Little Linda

First tiem I had ever seen you guys in action what a treat it was! Jolly good show you put on for all us peeps over here. Hope to see you over on these shores once again in the nearfuture.

Wed May 16, 01 09:00pm

[4] Deine

Faultless Performance... BR were the only reason I went anyway....And left when BR had finished...Brilliant!!!!.

Wed May 16, 01 08:00am

[3] Doug

Wow what a great trip. Zrock was tottally cool.
Deine thanks for such a nice review. I'm happy that you were there.

See ya next time.

Wed May 16, 01 12:53am

[2] Melody

Hi Deine.
You are very lucky to see Burning Rain show! I'm in Japan and now I'm sick. So I couldn't go to see it. And I didn't have enough money. Your report sounds great. I really wanted to see it. I hope they will play in Japan also.

Mon May 07, 01 09:30am

[1] Deine

Burning Down in Manchester UK!
Burning Rain Set Manchester Alight Last Night..(6th May),..
Before the Band took the stage they Took the time too sign 10 Of my CD'd
It Makes so much difference when you got those friendly vibes
along with phenomenal musical ability!
Once On Stage.. Doug + keith Where the Lords of the Reign Both commanding
Attention without showing off or Aggrandizement,...Doug's Playing Was
The best I have Ever Witnessed And I have seen John Sykes,
jAke E Lee,+ plus many more so called Guitar Wizards...Keith's Vocals
were Faultless along with his Attitude A real front man.
All in All I hope..No I pray That BR Come Too the Shores of England Again
..But..For A longer Gig!

Sun May 06, 01 11:02pm

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