Burning Rain UltraSound 2001 USA Reviews

UltraSound 2001 USA

Sep-08-2001 Burbank Hilton: Burbank CA, USA

  1. Stone Cold N' Crazy
  2. Cherry Grove
  3. Fireball
  4. Cherie Don't Break My Heart
  5. Metal Superman
  6. Love Emotion
  7. Judgement Day
  8. Smooth Locomotion
  9. Tokyo Rising
  10. Can't Turn Your Back On Love
  11. Fool No More

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[2] Kyoko

Hi everybody!
I had a good time there.
Please check out the "Live" page on my site.
There are many photos of BR on it.


Sun Nov 18, 01 12:17am


Great show BR guys!!! I had a good time! Thank you, Doug and Ian for posing a picture, and meeting ya both. I hope I will see ya guys in concert again next time. All the best!

Sun Nov 04, 01 01:01am

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